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About Dr. Rawlings

Dr. Rawlings (Southeast Denver Chiropractic)Dr. David K. Rawlings, a Denver Chiropractor

In service to the Denver community for 38 years, Dr. Rawlings has given numerous public lectures on Chiropractic, Nutrition, Holistic Healing & Wellness in local gyms, health food stores, hotels, senior centers, and more.

He has also been an interviewer and guest speaker on Cable TV (i.e. Channel 8).

In addition, in a more intimate setting, he gives Wellness Health Workshops to small groups at his chiropractic office.

Performed on an individualized and personalized need-for-care basis. Our primary vision is providing excellent health care services to the patients by specializing on the needs of the individual. Auto accident injuries, headaches, neck/back/low back pain, pain or numbness in shoulder/arm, hip, leg, feet, dizziness/vertigo, stress, emotional dysfunction, and wellness care program.

Chiropractic as a specialty is dedicated to finding stress in the nervous system. Stress in the nervous system interferes with our ability to heal from physical, emotional, and chemical challenges which left untreated can result in many different conditions and even diseases.

Individualized techniques include a wide range of post graduate approaches, Koren Specific Technique (KST), network care, chiropractic biophysics, alphabiotics, and nutritional recommendations.