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Denise P. (Denver)- Chiropractic care under Dr. Rawlings’ watchful eye has improved my life where other doctor’s couldn’t. It has helped me overcome chronic sinus infections. My allergies and asthma have improved to the point where I seldom need medication. My headaches are less frequent and not as severe. All this without the use of any drugs or any invasive procedures. I want to thank Dr. Rawlings for being there for me and improving my health and overall quality of life.

Joe K. – I’ve been going to Dr. Rawlings as long as I can remember. Almost 28 years of as needed visits and he is hands down the best  chiropractor. Even though we recently moved across the country I still make a point to visit when I am in town. His understanding and mastery of the practice is outstanding.

Alisa V. (Highlands Ranch)- The pain in my back is gone! What is more amazing is that with less stress in my body I am less edgy and am able to go into finals with ease. I am better able to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Kathy H. (Highlands Ranch)- An increased amount of energy I’ve never had before. It’s been truly a miracle for myself and my family.

Naomi V. (Denver) – Initially I started care with Dr. Rawlings to correct scoliosis, after about 2 months of care at 2-3 times a week and feeling noticeably/notably better I was involved in a car accident that left me in tremendous pain and discomfort. I remember the firefighters (who arrived at the scene first) telling me how ‘lucky’ I was for surviving such an impact as the other vehicle was going close to 50mph in a 35mph zone when she ran through a stop sign and hit my car. After leaving the ER my instincts told me to contact Dr. Rawlings (my Chiropractor) and he encouraged me to get treatment with him a.s.a.p. I did and continued for 3 months until I gained full range of motion of my neck as that was the most affected area of the accident. Post xrays proved that I was no longer ‘Medically diagnosed’ with scoliosis!! Not only did Dr. Rawlings help with the repercussions of the auto-accident, he helped by assisting in correcting the initial reason ‘Scoliosis’ as to why I started care with him to begin with. I highly recommend Dr. Rawlings whether it is for minor aches and pains to numbness/tingling to emotional imbalances as he has enlightened me that each of these are associated with misalignment’s and stress on the nervous system.